Pepo Feat DIVA Vocal

My Secret Confessions

Pepo Feat DIVA Vocal - My Secret Confessions


Pepo (Ellectrica)

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DIVA Vocal

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Ellectrica Recording


1. I see you, baby,
You’re watching me like a tiger
Getting ready for your move
And I must confess that I want it too
There are times
When I wish
For someone to come
And get me right outta my mind
I wanna get naughty and freaky…
And you are the one on my mind.
So come on down here
And let me feel it

I feel naughty at times like these
I wanna get dirty, wanna beg on my knees
Have my brains f***ed right outta my mind
And if you get rowdy, boy, that’s just fine
Ride me and guide me, unleash the beast
Thrust in me deeper, do what you please
Use me, abuse me and set me free
Baby, you know how, come give it to me
Don’t stop moving time never waits
Life keeps going, have no regrets
Worlds revolving without an end
Time keeps going, it never waits
Hold me baby, from dusk till dawn
Hold me closer, don’t let me go
Let the music ignite your soul
Catch the rhythm and lose control

2. I don’t hear a word you say
Your mouth is moving slowly
Can hardly ever concentrate
All I want is your loving.
I desperately try to escape the thought of you,
But it comes back again and again,
So I give up and dream away…
I close my eyes
And i see you walk through the door
You come and give me a deep kiss
And as you enter my void
I feel you complete me