RoelBeat & DIVA Vocal – Faith Realease date: Sept 25, 2018 on Highlimit Records Lyrics and Vocal: DIVA Vocal Music: DIVA Vocal & RoelBeat I’ve been walking down the road, Looking for a hand or someone to hold dear. I’ve been searching for some hope, To rest assured the road ahead is all so… View Article

Cageless Bird

  DJ DIASS & DIVA Vocal – Cageless Bird Lyrics: Music: Event: DJ DIASS & DIVA Vocal DJ DIASS Part of BG MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018   (Lyrics:) Chorus: Breakin’ upon the wheel cageless bird I feel alone The distance of time we know it’s passing us by without a note Searching all our lives the… View Article

Inside Your Soul

 DIVA Vocal & Elis M. Feeling – Inside Your Soul Lyrics: DIVA Vocal Music: DIVA Vocal & Elis M. Feeling Released by: Seveneves Records (Lyrics:) Free jammin’ lessons You wanna question What I’ve been doing (a) long, long time The fire’s burning Your soul is turning inside-out, inside-out I was alone and afraid But now… View Article

Point of no Return

DJ Tarkan & DIVA Vocal -Point Of No Return Lyrics DIVA Vocal Music: DJ Tarkan & DIVA Vocal Released by: No Smoking Recordings Nowhere to go, nowhere to run Something to find, something returned I’m trapped inside my sweet escape And now I know, I’ve reached the end I’ve been around, I’ve travelled far I’ve… View Article

Time to Say Goodbay

Diva’s very first solo track, remixed by DJ TARKAN It’s official video went straight up to #1 of in 07.2015 Listen in: DIVA Vocal – Time To Say Goodbye (DJ Tarkan Remix) Lyrics: DIVA Vocal Music: DIVA Vocal & Kid Vibes Remix: DJ Tarkan Released by: No Smoking Recordings Closed the door behind, and left… View Article

Rock DJ

Rock DJ Lyrics: DIVA Vocal Music: Andrey Exx & TROITSKI Released by: Tiger Records (Lyrics:) I think that everybody’s sleeping now But I just wanna go and play Your hand are telling me to stay But I just wanna rock DJ Your music makes me wanna burn like fire So come and dance the night away… View Article

Ela Pri Men

DIVA Vocal – Ela Pri Men Lyrics: DIVA Vocal Music: Ivan Deyanov & DIVA Vocal Release by: Невяна Цветкова (Lyrics:) Ела при мен сега любими Почувствай моето сърце Прави каквото трябва мили Във теб изгубвам се Ела и притисни ме силно Да чувствам твоите ръце Нашепвай тихо моето име Отдавна чаках те Нощес, държеше ме… View Article

My Secret Confessions

My Secret Confession Lyrics: DIVA Vocal Music: Pepo (Ellectrica) Released by: Ellectrica Recording (Lyrics:) (Spoken) 1. I see you, baby, You’re watching me like a tiger Getting ready for your move And I must confess that I want it too There are times When I wish For someone to come And get me right outta… View Article

Better Run Away (Live)

 DJ Diass feat. DIVA Vocal – Better Run Away Lyrics: DIVA Vocal & DJ Diass Music: DJ Diass Release by: Phraser Records (Lyrics:) Many nights I wait Many nights I pray Hoping that you stay with me forever, night and day Wishing’ on a star watching from afar how you plead your case in front… View Article